Rapid Reporting is probably the most important Component of Exam

  • Limited time for image analysis.

  • Pass marks are 27/30 or 54/60 (90 percent).

  • Yet it is easiest component of the exam if you know the correct technique.

  • More candidates fail in the Rapid Reporting component of the FRCR exam than any other component.

  • The commonest cause of failure is 'Wrong Technique' and/or 'Misleading courses' with hundreds of images which do not represent exam.

  • Please note that so called spotter packs, Random Collections of images have risk of wrong approach to exam. These have potential of more harm than good.

  • What if we tell you that Rapid Reporting is NOT test of 'subtle' and 'suspicious findings'. It is actually test of your courage if you can declare an image as 'normal'.

Rapid Reporting @ Radicon

You are busy with the hospital job and no time to study? and you keep postponing your exam date - hoping that you will get time for next attempt?

Then Think again!
Did you know that every coming attempt will be more difficult for you? Jobs getting more difficult, increasing family responsibilities and your juniors passing exams before you will make it more difficult financially, emotionally and academically 
So attempt the exam in the first possible attempt.
What do we do for you?
We all know that it is impossible to learn everything in short courses. So We focus on the high Yield, most common topics and best exam techniques to sharpen your existing knowledge. You will see cases most relevant to FRCR and will complete any critical deficiencies. It is no wonder that more than 50 candidates passed FRCR 2B with Radicon.
  • Support Lectures
  • 15 RR Packs with images closest to the real Exam.
  • Images are critically peer-reviewed. 
  • Discussion panels to interact with other delegates and instructors. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Radicon

    • 00. Intro to FRCR course @ Radicon.

    • 01. Three Golden Rules

    • 02. Cases: Hand

    • 03. Cases: Wrist

    • 04. Cases: Elbow

    • 05. Cases: Shoulder

  • 2

    Rapid Reporting Mocks

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 1

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 2

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 3

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 4

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 5

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 6

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 7

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 8

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 9

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 10

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 11

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 12

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 13

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 14

    • Rapid Reporting Pack 15

Rapid Reporting Mock tests