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Radicon is a unique radiology academy with a mission to shape the future of radiology. We provide comprehensive clinical, academic, and IT solutions for speed, accuracy, and precision in the reporting room. Radicon offers the very best DICOM-based radiology courses and mini fellowships. Also, we prepare the radiologists for future imaging practices with hands-on training in Radiation Safety, PACS, and Health Informatics. 

Radicon is proud to announce its clinical and health Informatics division offering teleradiology services as well as advanced imaging tools including an Artificial Intelligence center working on various AI layers to support the future of imaging.

European Diploma in Radiology

Radicon Institute is pleased to welcome and host EDiR examination in Dubai.

The EDiR, as a form of testing radiology knowledge, presents several advantages. The examination objectively verifies that radiologists possess the required knowledge, skills, and competencies at the end of their training. Holding the EDiR will most likely help radiologists advance their careers. Should radiologists wish to pursue a career abroad, the EDiR facilitates migration by providing an ESR-endorsed qualification as additional proof of training. The examination represents a significant step towards the harmonization of radiological standards across Europe.
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Annual Premium membership

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Annual membership is a premium online radiology educational portal for radiologists to learn cutting-edge radiology knowledge and its clinical application to become a more accurate, confident, and efficient reader. Whatsmore, each course you complete will earn you amazon vouchers or equivalent cashback. That's a Radicon incentive to learn and earn.
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UAE Campus Courses

Prefer hands-on workshops, face-to-face and peer reviewed case discussion?


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