TQM in Healthcare Organizations

Quality is not an act, It is a habit.

  • High yield lectures and periodic quizzes to enable you to assess your understanding of the concepts.

  • Tips and Techniques on how to implement TQM improvement tools to enhance patient care and improve processes within the healthcare organization.

  • Better skill set and capabilities to successfully undertake responsibilities in healthcare organization.

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide the foundational information on Total Quality Management and to understand how to use a combination of strategy, data, and effective communication to integrate quality in healthcare organizations.

Learning Objectives:

At the of this course you should be able to:

1. Understand the contemporary knowledge and techniques of TQM in improving quality in healthcare organizations.

2. Articulate and implement quality improvement processes as a fundamental strategy in the workplace, in line with the philosophy of Total Quality Management.

3. Use the TQM tools for quality improvement projects to optimize patient care.

4. Accomplish the cultural transformation necessary for successful implementation of total quality practices.

5. Determine the impact of quality in healthcare organizations.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 1. A Simple Guide to Total Quality Management

  • 3

    Chapter Quiz

    • Quiz No. 1

  • 4

    Chapter 2. Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organizations

    • 2.0 Topic Outline

    • 2.1 Quality and Quality Improvement

    • 2.2 The Roots of Quality Improvement

    • 2.3 Quality Improvement Approaches

    • 2.4 Underlying Principles of Quality Improvement

    • 2.5 Quality Improvement Trends in Healthcare Industry

  • 5

    Chapter Quiz

    • Quiz No. 2

  • 6

    Chapter 3. Basic Principles for Quality Improvement in Radiology Department

    • 3.0 Topic Outline

    • 3.1 Quality Improvement in Radiology Department

    • 3.2 Generic Quality Improvement Process

    • 3.3 Strategies for Establishing Quality Improvement Program in Radiology Department

    • 3.4 Quality Improvement Initiatives in Radiology Department

    • 3.5 Other Examples of Quality Improvement Projects in Radiology Department

  • 7

    Chapter Quiz

    • Quiz No. 3

  • 8

    Chapter 4. Challenges in the Successful Implementation of TQM

    • 4.0 Topic Outline

    • 4.1 TQM Challenges

    • 4.2 Challenges in Quality Improvement of Healthcare Organizations

    • 4.3 Challenges in Development and Implementation of Quality and Safety Programs in Radiology Department

  • 9

    Chapter Quiz

    • Quiz No. 4

  • 10

    Assessment Part 1. Written Exam

    • Test 1

    • Test 2.

    • Test 3.

    • Test 4.

  • 11

    Assessment Part 2. Project Proposal

    • Assessment Part 2: Q.I Project Proposal

  • 12

    Course Evaluation

    • Testimonials

    • Course Evaluation

    • Thank you!

    • Reviews

Target Audience

• Healthcare Managers and Employees
• Workers in The Quality Sector and Specialized Offices
• Quality Planning Officials in Healthcare Organizations
• Those Who Are Interested in Total Quality Management

Mode of Instructions

100% online and Self-paced that provides immediate access available 24/7 to review the information as often as desired.

Course Fee

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