Radiation Protection Course (Basic)

Ensure your safety and become invaluable member of your workforce!

  • Radiation Safety, Protection and Regulations

  • Complete the mandatory training while gaining 7 CPD Credits

  • 3 yrs validity in accordance with the FANR Curriculum

Course Overview

This course is designed to present an overview of the basic principles of radiation protection including the responsibilities of the staff to patients, personnel and public that will guide them to practice safety procedures in their respective workplace. It covers all the necessary information in accordance with the requirements of Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations (FANR) and the importance of complying with these requirements.

Target Audience

• Allied Health Professionals
• All Physicians in medical, surgical, acute diagnostic divisions
• Staff who deals with radiation safety issues on a daily basis
• All personnel who are required to have fundamental knowledge in radiation safety and protection
• Doctors
• Technologists
• Nurses

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Chapter 1: Review of the Fundamentals

  • 4

    Chapter 1A: Production of Xrays

    • 1.1 & 1.2. Atom and EMR

    • 1.3. Production of Xrays

    • 1.4. The interaction of X-rays and Matter

    • 1.5. Properties of Xrays and Gamma Rays

  • 5

    Chapter 2: Quantities and Measurements

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 6

    Chapter 3: Biological Effects of the ionising radiation

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 7

    Chapter 4: Principles of Radiation Protection and International Framework

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 8

    Chapter 5: Regulatory Control

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 9

    Chapter 6: Assessment of External and Internal Exposures

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 10

    Chapter 7: Protection Against Occupational exposure

    • Click here for lecture

  • 11

    Chapter 8: Medical Exposure in Diagnostic Radiology

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 12

    Chapter 9: Training

    • Click here for the lecture

  • 13

    Chapter 10: FANR Radiation Protection and Safety Programme Advice for Diagnostic Radiology

    • PDF Read

    • 10. FANR Radiation Protection and Safety Programme Advice for Diagnostic Radiology

  • 14

    Assessment and Evaluation

    • Final Test - 80 % Marks required

    • Testimonials

    • Course Evaluation

    • Thank you!

    • Reviews

Mode of Instructions

Available Options
• Online and Self-paced Learning
• Virtual class with Instructor (by schedule)
• Face to Face (by schedule)
• Hybrid (Face to Face + Online Access)

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