Red Dot Training for Radiographers

Shine in your department, Mark Abnormal X-ray before anyone else!

  • Early Warning System.

    It is one of the best Early Warning Systems (EWS) in radiology practice.

  • Patient Safety

    Aids in clinical governance and risk management while adding a patient safety layer.

  • Knowledge

    Better and in-depth understanding of radio-pathology and positional anatomy.

Enhance your Skills, Stay up and Move Forward

Course Overview

This course gives an insight into the advanced practice of x-ray evaluation of common Xrays, especially musculoskeletal injuries and other bone and joint abnormalities. The subjects are introduced within a usable format to encourage standardisation of evaluating images and allow the student an increase in confidence in verbalising observations.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

1. Differentiate between normal and abnormal X-rays in common clinical settings.

2. Take a lead in clinical management of your patients by using early warning signal system.

3. A better understanding of the radiological mechanism and radiological appearances of common injuries.

Course Curriculum

Target Audience

• Radiographers who work in Hospitals that utilize the basic Red Dot Alert Scheme – and are looking for an introduction to plain film (trauma) assessment and evaluation

• Radiographers who are considering taking up training and instruction as a future reporting Radiographer.

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Mode of Instructions

Online Self-paced, problem based and hands-on training with exercises of 100s of images to differentiate between Normal and Abnormal images.

Radiation Safety, Radiation effects, RPO Course, Radiation dose

Course Fee

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